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Capability - the ability to execute, an aptitude that may be developed or the power to generate an outcome... Ongoing success requires constant attention to your people, process and leadership capabilities.

Capability Insights has over 25 years experience helping organizations build their capabilities and improve their organizational effectiveness. Our 3 core services are:

Our value - why Capability Insights?

Capability Insights ties together all the pieces that lead to success in growing organizational capability. Years of working in business and IT has shown us how often improvement initiatives are undermined by a too-narrow focus on the technology being implemented or the product being introduced or the training program being put in place. In today's very complex world, a too-narrow focus is risky business. 

All organizations, regardless of industry or profit orientation, are systems. They are a complex web of interrelated parts. Touch one part and you impact another part; whether you realize it or not. All too often a "fix" to one part has an unintended impact somewhere else. Rarely is that unintended impact a positive one for the organization as a whole!

Three critical aspects of your organizational system are:

  • What it is you do (your functions or business processes)
  • How you lead what you do and who does it (your leadership)
  • How you support what you do through automation (IT) 

There is lots of complexity! Capability Insights helps you see the connections and relationships, helps you work through the complexity and execute changes that truly create organizational capability vs. organizational chaos.

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